“Poor Sports” by Doc Brown

You guys are really, really sensitive.

Death threats? Really? Just because I made fun of your band on a fucking website that a handful of people read?

You guys need to rethink your career choice as a musician, because if you can’t handle criticism you’re not gonna last very long in the industry. I am one guy without mass distribution of my articles. What if MetalSucks ripped into you? Would you send a fucking letter bomb to their offices?

The only thing I’m trying to achieve through this site and my Facebook page, is to be honest in the meanest way possible. If you want someone to sugar coat it, go talk to your mother. I’m sure she’ll say something nice and let you breast feed a little longer if you’re hungry.

Also, I’m a fucking comedian. I don’t expect to be taken 100% serious unless I say I’m 100% serious. How many times have you made fun of something that might make someone else feel uncomfortable? How many dead baby jokes do you think a mother who has had a stillborn/lost a child has heard?

You guys are bitching about a guy making fun of your band? There are far more important things in the world than your feelings and you can bet your fucking ass that I’m not going to give two shits about how you feel when I tear your bands apart in a review. If you can’t handle the truth, get the fuck out. It’s really that simple.




8 thoughts on ““Poor Sports” by Doc Brown

  1. Doc,

    You must keep in mind… nothing on this site or your others is objective or “Truth”, this is your opinion and purely subjective. It is also a very closed minded, narrowly focused, metal elitist opinion at that.

    You praise bands with no grasp of theory and musicality based on their “Thrashing Riffs”, while any monkey with a free hand, not on his dick, can play hammer on’s between 1 and 7 on the top, severely De-tuned string.

    Yet, you very rarely give a good review, and when you do it’s often undeserving and some how based on your connection to the group. We can all see that…

    While hiding behind a screen, nestled in the comfort of anonymity, I can see how you have the gall to make the comments you do. But you must remember, these “bands” are people actually making a creative contribution to the world, regardless of said contribution’s quality, who are you to judge so harshly?

    I want to hear your band! i want to hear what qualifies you to come down on the people who are out there MAKING music.

    In closing, If you, Doc Brown, are not yourself, in a band that has some serious “chops” and is “Metal as Fuck”, then you my good sir, are a JOKE! A “jock rider”, an “I can’t do that but I can talk shit about people who do”, a, Shall we say… “WANNA BE, HATER!”


  2. After listening to “Deadlights”, in which I couldn’t make out even a single lyric, I was unimpressed to say the least.

    “Of the Apocalypse” was a little better… not much…

    “Plages”… oh geeze…

    Come on man your band has 119 likes and hails from the sweaty palm of MI that is Ithaca. And when/where is your next show?… That’s right, your not playing ANY. Don’t be so self riotous…

    From your indiscriminate “JumJum JumJum” riffs to your virtually indecipherable “Oocachaca Oocachaca” Vocals, I don’t see where you have any room to say a single negative word about any other bands or their music. Just “keeping it real” brother.

    You are throwing stones in a glass house, friend…

    Your drummer does have some serious skills thou, I’ll give him that.

    But hey man this is MUSIC, to each his/her own.


    P.S. We may remind you of Metallica and All That Remains but dude, you guys are sucking Battlecross’ cocks… seriously. (Granted they are the shit!)

  3. So you are one guy… probably living his moms basement… who programmed some drum tracks, got out his shitty 8 track recorder, flubbed some riffs via D.I. then posted it on the inter-web… And that gives you the “Metal-Cred” to blather on about how Real Bands “are not Metal”?…

    Well I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to find any other mutants to join your brethren of masturbation, but while you are GREAT at bashing “Artists” for their craft, please stick to that and only that.

    We don’t need to hear anymore “Lies of Turin”… really.. Thanks.

    BTW… “Sing-Songy Music” is what people want to hear… sorry.

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