Horrible Band of the Day- Sin Theorem

Sin Theorem, from all the fuck over Michigan, posts constantly. I’m talking CONSTANTLY people.  They are always asking for votes and trying to make it look like they are headlining bigger shows when they are actually the openers, or close to it.

Let us reflect a moment on the music of this band.


Okay, fuck that shit. Weak vocals, the lows sound almost like inhales and the highs are not impressive.  Honestly, they remind of the kids in high school who started a metal band just to be cool. Too bad that this “Metal” is actually hard rock with a sad attempt at metal vocals.

If I really wanted to be a dick, which of course I do, I would point out that they are cocky motherfuckers. They brag about their  “accomplishments” non-stop. I won’t deny that these guys have fans, but they are so full of themselves that other bands can’t stand them.

Read their bio on Facebook. Seriously, these dudes are not modest at all. They will excitedly tell you how fucking good they are and that you need to like them, or you’re a piece of shit.

Newsflash dudes, you’re pricks.

PS: Stop fucking over other bands before it comes back to bite you in the ass.


2 thoughts on “Horrible Band of the Day- Sin Theorem

  1. What ever happend to bands being humble?!

  2. Lmfao. 🙂 Nailed it right on the head. “Vote for us…vote for us”. LMFAO some more!!!!!!!!!

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