What the fuck, seriously? By Doc Brown

Okay. This isn’t really about metal. Its more of an astute observation about some of the fucked up people we have to deal with every day.

Why would you get so fucking drunk or stoned at a show that you can’t even understand the music? I do not understand why you just didn’t stay home. We don’t want you stumbling around and causing fights because you can’t handle what you smoke/drink.

I’m all for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Unfortunately, most of the people take the drugs far to0 seriously and end up rocking and rolling around on the fucking ground like an autistic weeble-wobble. These weeble’s wobble, but they certainly fall the fuck down.

People make me sick. I’m not straight-edge. I smoke and I drink, probably more than I should, but I also know my limits. If you’re trying to drink yourself to death just do it at home, because we aren’t going to call an ambulance for your ass and interrupt the show. 

How have we as a human race become so fucked up what we don’t know how to behave in a social setting? I really would not be surprised to see someone shit their pants and then commence throwing it around the venue like a bunch of fucking primates.

Devolving is apparently a very, very real thing, people.



One thought on “What the fuck, seriously? By Doc Brown

  1. I totally agree, dude. It happened at Dale Fest. It was terrible.

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