New FEMALE writer. We’re an equal opportunity group.

Chick in Metal… Observation #1
By: Little Metal

I’m a chick who LOVES metal… everything about it. From the softer side of hard rock to brutal black
death doom metal.

From the old shit to NuMetal. From getting a new CD to the energy of a live show.

From stinky tattooed dudes to sweaty fishnet ladies. From last minute band changes to handing out
flyers. ALL OF IT!!!!!

And as a chick, I have a different perspective on all of it. So, I’m writing for Doc. (Thanks Doc )
I’ve gone to a million shows, staunchly support local music, have a local metal website and have put
on a couple shows, so my chick perspective is as a fan and a business person. I don’t have the band
perspective… I’ll leave that to those of you who can actually play instruments.

My biggest observation is that I seem to need to prove to people that I’m actually at a metal show for
the music… not because my boyfriend is there, or because I want to party and score with some band

I’m there because of the music. For the energy of a live show…. for the soul cleansing that comes from
standing directly in front of an amp… for the fact that it’s one of the only places in the world that I feel

Seems to take some convincing, especially to the guys.

Observation #1 – People don’t believe that a chick can really be that into metal. Girls, you’ve gotta go to
shows on a regular basis and talk music with the dudes to get them to believe you. Wearing band shirts
also helps… it’s the guys’ uniform, so they see you as one of them.

How can you tell that a chick is at a show because she loves music??


2 thoughts on “New FEMALE writer. We’re an equal opportunity group.

  1. I agree completely, I’ve been majorly put down by some dudes because they assume female = poser/looking for metal dude dick, and I had an experience recently flyering for a metal show I booked at another metal show, where the guys attending the show were being asses and wouldn’t even look at my flyers. But, at the same time, I have nothing to prove and am not going to try to be a dude. Nor do I feel I represent all women, because face it- a minority of them are real people, but quite a few of them fit the stereotype that guys believe. I’ll talk music or wear a metal band shirt when I want to, but again, I have nothing to prove.

    But to answer your question, sure, knowing about bands or wearing band shirts is a way for someone to make a quick judgment and know a person into metal, but the true way is a person’s CHARACTER: such as going to shows on a regular basis, supporting multiple local bands you like and not just coming out only when a certain band plays, going to smaller shows and not just the big ones, talking to people, letting them get to know you, and seeing your actions over a period of time. There will always be macho jerks who will believe what they want to believe, but the people who are true will recognize someone else who is true.

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