What the fuck is wrong with the Modern Exchange?

When a venue promises to deliver a show they are expected to deliver right?

Apparently not, according to the Modern Exchange, which recently fucked over numerous bands because they were afraid of losing money on a show that THEY commited to.

The Devastator had to drive 2 hours to the venue, Letters to Exile drove 3 and then had to drive another 7 to New York, and the venue essentially told them to fuck off. The Modern Exchange didn’t advertise the show, had NO flyers in their venue or in the store out front, and still expected to make money off of those bands. Four of the bands actually showed up to play the show, yet didn’t get to play, and went home empty fucking handed.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the Modern Exchange?

This venue is actually cancelling shows THE DAY THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN if they don’t think they can make a quick buck. When bands are pleading with a venue to just play shows for another band and the venue says no, thats fucked up. Even if they are losing money, sucks to be them, they made a commitment, fucking honor it.

I can safely say that there is no fucking way I will be supporting, advertising, or in any way helping the Modern Exchange or any other venue that fucks bands over. Honestly, I hope the venue goes under so a better one can take its place. I don’t give a shit who it pisses off, its the truth whether you want it or not.


One thought on “What the fuck is wrong with the Modern Exchange?

  1. have to disagree with you here, Doc. The Modern Exchange is a venue that ‘rented out’ the facility to a promoter just as every venue informally does by taking a cut of the door. This is the fault of the promoter, not the venue. It’s the job of the promoter to promote this show. Canceling when a promoter doesnt bring enough of a paying staff is something that is well stated by the venue to the promoter before hand and is a condition of the show. Actually, its a good business decision by the venue ad others should too—it forces the promoters, who arent really ‘promoters’ to actually learn how to do a job so that they can best represent and support the bands that they book.

    If i were the venue, I wouldnt have this promoter back and if i was a band, i wouldnt play a show for that promoter ever again. Everyone thinks they can be a promoter—promoters like this are doing a disservice to venues and bands….and its easy to blame the venue rather than take responsibility for it themselves. Man up and if you had 10 paid guests and not 15, pay out of your own pocket the cover for the five and keep your word to the bands that came, and go get some Pizza for them for their trouble. I’ve done it before…

    If the ModEx is shitty for anything, its for teargassing us to get out of the venue by 11:00…that sucks.

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