Stupid is as Stupid Does

Bands, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve genuinely ripped into you and you seem to be getting too comfortable with it, so let me re-instate my usual aura of totally ripping you apart.

Just because your band has won an online contest or battle of the bands it doesn’t mean that you are better than everyone else.

It means you annoyed the shit out of more people.

How many times are you going to ask us to vote in your online polls? Most of us do not give a fuck about your shitty rock band that poses as a metal band but can’t play metal because your girlfriends won’t like it.

I’m tired of bands trying to book shows by saying “Well, my band won this, this, and this so we deserve to be on the show.” No, you fucking don’t belong on the show. You don’t even belong  in our scene if you’re coming in with an attitude like that.

It is mind boggling to me the lengths some bands will go to be able to say that they won something. If it was that big of a deal, people would vote without you telling them three million times.

Stop trying to be metal if you’re playing rock. Stop trying to present your rock music to us as metal. Stop trying to get us to vote for shit we do not care about. That fucking simple.



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