Make Like A Tree and Get out of Here by Doc Brown


I have one major complaint about the Michigan Metal scene. It’s not about the bands, the crowds, or even the hardcore dancers.


My issue is with the management agencies and promoters who are creating a hostile environment with deception and greed.


Promoters force bands to do all of the promotion and reap the benefits of said band’s hard work. They are the promoter; they should be pounding the pavement just as hard as the bands are. Our scene is littered with far too many of these disgusting creatures. They decide what bands to book, and that is literally the only work they put into their shows, causing bands to fail and venues to close down.


The other vile plague upon our precious home is management. I personally have experience dealing with several of these crooks, and believe you me; they have caused more harm than good. They will exploit you and cause riffs in your band that are damn near irreparable. They cling to the best band they can find and essentially rape them of their money, and more importantly their dignity.


Of course there are a few, and I do mean very few, exceptions to the rule. There are promoters who work their asses off to put a show together, just as there are managers who put the bands before money. We need to see more of these productive and enthusiastic individuals/groups.


I applaud every organization or individual that can support and improve any band’s situation, unfortunately they are becoming few and far between.


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