I’m too tired to think of anything remotely clever,

Honestly, I’m fucking tired of bands posting links to their next show on Facebook, when they should be out at a show distributing flyers/demos and forming a real network instead of a digital one. I’m tired of all of the scene girls who pretend to have some knowledge about the music that makes them love the most terrible bands on earth. (See: Design the Skyline, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate)


Seriously, why the hell do we tolerate the hipsters and scene kids who formed a band because they bought a guitar yesterday and learned three chords?


I know, I’m always going on about unity in the scene and bringing the family back, but this is getting fucking ridiculous.

I have comprised a list of some people who need to get the hell out of our scene:


Girls who complain about a band’s “growly/scary vocals”, anyone who wears Ed Hardy, Any band that covers a song that came out a week ago, Straight Edge kids who are pissed that they are serving alcohol at a fucking bar, kids who hold cigarettes between their middle and ring fingers, preppy guys in American Eagle who show up hammered and mistake the mosh pit for a fight club, people who headbang out of rhythm with the music, guys who wear tighter pants than their girlfriends, girls who show up looking like a stripper or a dominatrix, any guys in eyeliner and/or makeup, girls who think it’s impressive that they know the members of a local band, people who pretend to sing along but don’t know the words, local bands that act like they are way bigger than truly are, bands that encourage the crowd to destroy whatever venue they are in, 15 year old “Promoters” who just sit in their bedroom and pretend to put together shows that will never happen.


I know you all have something to add to this, and I want to see it.


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