Job for a Cowboy- “Gloom” EP review

Job for a Cowboy has always been a band that I’ve enjoyed listening to. “Doom” was fucking revolutionary to me. Everyone and their brother know about the infamous scream in the middle of “Entombment of a Machine” and how they single handedly spawned the myspace band revolution with the odd names and mimicked logo.

The sophomore release of “Genesis” saw the elimination of breakdowns, and was personally my second favorite album after “Doom.”

“Ruination” seemed like a step down for me. I just couldn’t enjoy it as much as the two previous releases, and thought perhaps they were losing their touch.

“Gloom” eliminated my fear of them losing their grasp on their new sound.

Where “Ruination” left me feeling unsatisfied, “Gloom” reignited my liking of the band. The guitars are as amazing as ever and in my opinion, more solid than on “Ruination.” The vocals are as good as ever, no matter what my compatriot Marty Mcfly may say. (I’m sure he’ll be bitching.)

All in all, “Gloom” is the return of the Job For A Cowboy that I know and love. Hopefully they stay this path and I’ll keep buying their records.


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