“What the hell is a gigawatt?” by Marty Mcfly

What the hell is a gigawat?!?
Lets start off things right with an introduction. I am Marty Mcfly. I will be working with the Doc reviewing non local underground artists.
Alright enough with the bullshit and lets get down to business.
 My first feature will be Virginia natives Cannabis Corpse. You’re probably all wondering who the hell this band actually is. Cannabis Corpse is a 4 piece metal band featuring Landphil who always plays in Virginia crossover band Municipal Waste.
 From the start these guys created Cannabis Corpse for everyone who enjoys old school death metal and yep you guessed it, marijuana. (YES IN FACT THEIR SONGS ARE ABOUT WEED, GET OVER IT ANGRY EDGE KIDS).
Their new album entitled “Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise” is no different. Listening to these guys for awhile I already knew what to expect but since most of you probably haven’t checked this band out let me explain. Imagine you took Morbid Angel, Deicide, Nile, and Cannibal Corpse and they spawned a hell child; Cannabis Corpse would be that hell child.
 Heavy riffs mixed with thrash metal hooks and fantastic growls. This album in particular is special because the great Eric Rutan from Hate Eternal fame had the pleasure of mixing the album. Yes the themes are about being stoned and crazy shit happening. With such song titles as Dead By Bong, Blaze of Torment, Slave To The Chron, Blame It On Bud, and more others like that most of you would write them off as a “joke band”.
Well this band is no joke, they are one of the best underground death metal bands out right now.Only this band could write song about giant “buds” killing, eating, and smoking humans. I suggest this band to anyone who likes Cannibal Corpse, weed, or both. Even the all mighty Alex Webster from Cannibal praises this band. With the dynamic riffing and the pounding drums anyone who is into metal should give this a listen.

Check them out at


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