Horrible Band of the Week-Downfall

Downfall, hailing from Macomb, MI is a blatant rip off of Five Finger Death Punch without the “talent” that FFDP has. The riffs are easy, the drums are sloppy, and the singing, well lets just say I’d rather listen to Justin Bieber. The vocals are droning, boring, and not in tune in the slightest way. If what they were going for was to be amazingly dull, they’ve succeeded.

I’m not one to rip on a good band for no reason, but I will tear into shitty bands that think they’re amazing.

“DownFall is not just another band from Detroit, we’re something better.”

Really? Because I’m fairly certain that you are nowhere near Battlecross, The Black Dahlia Murder, As They Sleep, Teratoma, or any other Detroit area band’s level of talen.

If you list your influences as Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine, you can probably just pack your shit up and get the fuck out of our scene.

They promise to give you an exciting show, but from the recordings, you’d most likely fall asleep as soon as they started their first song. I honestly want to know how the fuck they chose their vocalist. There was no way that they heard him sing and were like “Holy shit, we found him!” It is impossible.

They claim to have unique music, but if you tune to 93.3 or any other rock station, you’ll hear a much better version of them.

If what they were trying to do was be unique and play heavy music, they should probably look up the meaning of unique and heavy music.

There are very, very, very brief moments of listenability, and thats when the singer actually screams. Still, its fucking horrible. And thats why Downfall win the most horrible band of the week.


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