Man, my fucking house is infested with fleas. I’m not talking about finding 3 or 4 fleas once a day. I’m talking about them trying their hardest to take me down by my ankles and devour me whole.  I’m currently not even able to set foot into my home because I just set off 14 bug bombs in a 6 room house.

Which reminds me.

Hey, bands who post on other people’s Facebook pages and cry when someone makes fun of it, grow the fuck up. You’re in a metal band, acting tough, but can’t handle anyones criticisms? You’re in the wrong fucking line of work my friend. Making fun of bands is what other bands/people do. How many times have you heard someone make fun of Creed, Nickelback, and Justin Bieber?

I literally cannot count how many times I’ve seen some whiny little bitch crying because I, or someone else, made fun of his band or a band he likes. Same goes for women, they do it too. God, I hate fan-girls. Unless they’re Doc Brown fan girls. If anyone has any tips on getting fan girls, shoot me an e-mail.

Just like those fleas I mentioned earlier, these people make my skin crawl with disgust. They crawl across the internet just waiting for the opportunity to bite into anyone who makes fun of their band. They literally suck the life out of the scene. There are definitely far too many fleas and far too many people whining about criticism on the internet.

If someone criticized me, I wouldn’t be a whiny bitch. I’d most likely take in in stride, or stab someone to death. Either way it will shut them the fuck up. 

If I see you bitching about someone criticizing your band, I’m going to call you out in front of everyone. I’ll critique literally every fucking move your band makes and I’ll make damn sure everyone else does too. Yeah, it’s a childish tactic, but its a very fucking effective one.

Fucking cry babies.



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