Alright everyone. This is our first attempt at a contest , so bear with us while we fuck it up beyond all reason.

We want your friends to be our friends. We want to see everyone posting links to this site, to our facebook, twitter, anything. Prizes will include:

A Doc Brown T-shirt

A CD from a band to be announced later

and if you’re a sexy female,

a date with Doc Brown himself.

(Just for the record, Doc Brown is not a 40-year old dude in his mother’s basement.)

If you’re in a band, the prizes are even better.

You’ll get everything stated above, PLUS:

Logo Design

Merch Design

CD Layout Design

and advertisement on this site


It’s not going to be easy to win this because we’re not going to pick just anyone. So if you want any of this stuff, you’d better be posting a lot.

Have fun.



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