The thing about tattoos is…

This really isn’t about music in the general sense of the word, but tattoos are quite prominent in the metal scene. I myself have a half sleeve on one arm and a quarter sleeve on the other.

I find it sickening that people still view tattoos as a taboo in this time period. We’ve made progress with civil rights for black people, gay people, pretty much everyone except people who have tattoos.

In a town of only 3000, I’m quite noticeable. Most of the people around here assume that I’m an ex-con and will never amount to anything because I have several VERY visible tattoos. It always makes me smile when they find out that I’m in the medical field, rendering their beliefs about me null. The shocked look on their face is always a plus, too.

I find that people in the 18-30 age group really enjoy tattoos. 30-50 fucking loathe them with their entire bodies. 50 and above are always intrigued by my tattoos and always ask about them and show off their old tattoos they got when they were young, or in some rare cases, last week.

Tattoos are an art form and it unfortunately has gained a bad name for itself by people misunderstanding the group of people who get them. Next time you see someone giving you a dirty look for your tattoos, ask them what their problem is. If they start going on and on about how you’re a disgrace to humanity and the usual bullshit, tell them exactly what their being. A persecuting zealot who needs to understand that not all of society fits into the cookie-cutter form that you so often see.

Tattoos offer everyone a chance to change something about themselves and express themselves to every person that sees their ink. I know I’m far from being done getting tattoos. I just hope one day soon tattoos will be acceptable in everyday workplaces, and the idea or what is “Normal” is changed. People with tattoos are not freaks. They’re people who enjoy the ability to be something unique.



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