Band of the Day- Dweller

Dweller  just got huge over night. They went from a band that I’d just happened to have seen on Facebook, to being on major tour show stops in Michigan and headlining their own shows. Not to mention they released  a full length albu, and these guys have only been around a fraction of the time that most Michigan bands have been.

After the disbandment of And Hell Followed With and The Yellow Sign, in my opinion two of the best metal bands in Michigan during their reign, there seemed to be a void of space left to fill. Many bands tried and failed, miserably I might add, to replicate the intensity and power of those band’s fan base.

Dweller has had tremendous success in filling a great part of the void that AHFW and TYS left in the Michigan Metal scene, and they are ever improving and work their asses off to get everything that they have. They do not rip off either of the two bands mentioned above, I just see a lot of the potential that those two bands had in Dweller. They are a brand all their own, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from them.



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