Re-visit of the Warped Tour post

Since I didn’t actually go to Warped Tour 2011, I thought I’d ask around about it and get everyone’s opinions and they all seem to have pretty much the same complaints and compliments.

The biggest complaint I heard was that the location was terrible. Comerica Park’s parking lot is far too small to house that many people. It would have made way more sense to have it at the Birch Run Expo Center, or even DTE’s area where they have Mayhem Fest every year. There is way more room.

Second, I heard complaints about the people there just being rude as fuck. Not the bands, at least not that I’ve heard, but the crowd. Punching random people, shoving people out of lines, cutting in line, throwing random shit at people? Are we people or are we fucking monkeys? Next thing you know we’re going to be throwing feces at one another.

Also, a lot of bands didn’t even want to play the Detroit date, which is basically like cheating the fans out of their money.

Apparently Warped tour did have highlights, those being: Winds of Plague, Miss May I, The Acacia Strain, Of Virtue.

The bands didn’t go sit in their trailers, they actually came out and hung out with fans, which was cool of them, especially since a lot of bands didn’t show up to the Detroit date.

All in all I’d have to say Warped sounds like it sucked, just like I thought it would.


One thought on “Re-visit of the Warped Tour post

  1. Can’t say I’m a Winds of Plague fan, but I must say I found that same sentiment when I saw them at Meyham last year. I find it pretty sad that bands didn’t want to play the Detroit date though, because it is very widely held that Detroit is one of the best audiences for Rock and Metal in the country (and possibly the world!)

    …What have we (as people in general) done to this wondrous world of music that we have enjoyed for decades in this area?

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