Genocya- “Ever Descent” Album Review

Genocya has been around forever. Seriously, I wasn’t even in high school when these guys got together. With age comes experience and Genocya is a perfect example of that fact.

Although it doesn’t have the best production value availabe, “Ever Descent” is definitely a very solid release for the band to have under its belt. Some songs may get repetative at times, but that is easily forgivable with the heaviness of each track.

Genocya doesn’t try to fit in with any bands or please the crowd with what is popular. They are thrash, death metal, and I even heard a very, very slight bit of punk in some of the tracks.

I do have to comment on the very professional appearance of the packaging and the CD itself. When it appeared in my mailbox it was a very pleasant surprise, as I’m used to recieving burned CD-R copies with Sharpie scribbled on it. Thank you for that, Jim!

If you look past the production value, which is not great, but also not completely terrible, you’ll find an album that has long needed to be released, and it’s from a band that has long needed to be recognized as a leader in Michigan Metal. It’s worth a listen, my friends! 



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