Why Doc will not being going to DirtFest this year.

Okay, I’ll probably split this crowd 50/50 with this article, but I don’t give what they call a fuck.

DirtFest used to be that once a year party that everyone wanted to go to. You’d call into work, ditch plans, skip funerals (Seriously, I did that), basically anything you could do to get to wherever the hell DirtFest was.

With bands like Between the Buried and Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, Ed Gein, Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, it was THE place to go for metal in the summer. So what exactly happened?

Alient Ant Farm? The band that got famous by covering one Michael Jackson song?

All That Remains? Oh, you mean the biggest sell-outs that exist in metal today!

Hawthorne Heights……seriously, Hawthorne Heights is fucking playing it.

I don’t exactly know what got into the Dalton’s heads, but I’m assuming it smelled vaguely of money and shame. They can tell us all they want that its about having a more diverse line-up than previous years. News flash: IT WAS DIVERSE IN PREVIOUS FUCKING YEARS. Don’t insult the intelligence of the people who got you guys where you are. I’m 100% certain we deserve better than that.


One thought on “Why Doc will not being going to DirtFest this year.

  1. That’s ok. You want BRUTAL? August 6th @ Paisano’s!

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