I’m finally sharing an opinion that isn’t mine.

This article was written by a friend of mine. He’ll be contributing here from time to time. I believe that this is a very important message that we all need to fucking understand so read it and stop being douches.

What metal fans don’t understand is that everything is a certain style, and that genres are merely just that. A naming system to describe a sound. Don’t like it? That’s your deal. Somebody else might, no need to lump it in with the rest. It takes a lot to be able to do what the more extreme bands can do and unfortunately it’s lost on those who aren’t playing the music themselves. Attempt any of Chris Adler’s drum work from the most recent years and tell me that’s monotonous, or better yet Alexandre Pelletier’s work from Despised Icon. Or try to do those deep growls for an entire song, let alone an hour set. The abilities capable of musicians now far outclasses bands from the older generation by a long shot. Fans are more and more appreciating this fact that it takes a lot of training, personal integrity, commitment, and confidence to play these types of music.

What really happened over the years is that metal simply evolved into itself, leaving everyone expecting more but forgetting what’s right in front of them. “Bird in the hand worth two in the bush” so to speak. Deathcore is a prime example of that, and is sadly tarnished by the general outlook of its fans. To me, deathcore is the return to embracing being an instrumentalist, not an instrument player. It took months for my band to find a rhythm guitarist simply due to the fact that while the guys we would bring in were extremely proficient at their playing, they could not follow me whatsoever simply based on the feel  expressed in the genre we are playing. Now I’m not tooting my own horn, just using it as an example of how difficult it is for some people to grasp the genre as it is and how metal fans can be generally piss-poor at incorporating their styles outside of the box created in voids left by yesterday and the inherit bullshit expectations laid down by the elitist attitude most conventional metal fans can portray.

Nobody sits back and listens to the older stuff out of appreciation of where we are now, but only to engage it in a simple-minded format of what it should stay like and who did what first or who’s copying who. It’s called inspiration, not plagiarism. How the fuck did such an extreme form of music create a legion of closed-minded conservatives over something of its own creation? Something that was created by booming layered guitars played with inhuman technicality, intensely difficult drumming, yelling, growling, screaming, grunting, shouting vocals, and lyrics to make your mother faint. Yet it is becoming utterly frowned upon in the metal world as it evolves and people simply get better at it with better equipment and production not previously available in years past. That’s like saying I liked bread ten years ago when the crust wasn’t as healthy and didn’t get so warm so fast  in these new toasters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of music of many different genres, and am a 17 year guitar player of multiple genres. I firmly believe that to each is their own. It’s when the newer metal and deathcore bands get lumped in on a general scale is where it gets me. Not all metal is ever going to be what it once was and to expect such is simply ignorant of the inevitable fact of empowerment of abilities.

All it really takes is to sit through it, pick out why that genre got popular in the first place, listen to multiple bands of the genre to find the subtle differences, as there are many in every band in any genre of music, or better yet as most extreme metal shows can prove when done right, see a show. Hands down most extreme metal shows are going to have far more energy and intensity than a generic rock band making money at it ever will. Because it’s not about that to them.

Most importantly, keep a very open mind!


One thought on “I’m finally sharing an opinion that isn’t mine.

  1. Fantastic and so true. Period.

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