Deadringer- “Last One Standing” Album Review

This article was first posted in May, but due to the fact that no one read it because they had no fucking clue who I was, here it is again. Anyways, read this now!

In my opinion one of the area’s most underappreciated bands has released a phenomenal album.  I remember watching two or three years ago and thinking that they had some serious potential.

In those few short years, Deadringer has seen some serious growth as a band, most noticeably in the guitar work and vocals. “Last One Standing” covers a vast array of genres, from Rock to Death Metal, and this hardworking band from Flint, MI has pulled it off perfectly.

Not only are they a great band, they are a great group of guys. I’ve played shows with them and watched them pour blood and sweat into every performance. They don’t just play and bail like so many other bands, they’ll stick around, share a beer and party all night if need-be.

Blending heavy riffs with alternating vocals styles, “Last One Standing” is a solid release that I would recommend to fans of Down, Pantera, Tool, or any other groove-based metal that makes you want to get drunk and throw down in the pit.


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