A Sleepless Malice Album Review

Yeah, so this is way fucking overdue. (My bad, dudes!)

I got these dude’s tracks months ago and somehow in my absent minded world I fucking missed it. Hey, not everyone is perfect.

Anyways, lets get back on track here.

A Sleepless Malice represents a nice little town known as Flint, MI. Currently rated the #1 city for crime in the United States. This band is as serious as the city they hail from. Harmonies, riffing, strong vocals, and an insanely good drummer come together and totally blow you away. The tracks had a decent recording quality and they flowed well from one song to the next.

The stand out track would have to be “Familiar”, just because the guitar work is well executed and the drums are at their strongest.

The only gripe I have with the album would be the vocals. Not the quality of the performance, but the quality of the vocal recording. The guitars, drums, and bass all sound great, but the vocals seemed as though they were either neglected in post-production or there may be too much of some kind of echoing effect.

Then again, I’m picky as shit when it comes to vocals, so it’s highly likely that I’m being overly critical.

To summarize: Buy it, listen to it, go to a show, and don’t forget to buy some of their sweet merch, you cheap fucks.



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