“Time to Practice my Stabbing” by Doc Brown

So, now that I have the site going and got talked into starting a fucking twitter account, we can get back to business as normal.

Seriously, you people piss me off. You, bands, what the fuck are you guys doing? How many times have I heard you whining and complaining about not having shows or having to sell tickets for a show?

How many times have I asked you for your booking information? More than enough, that’s how many times. Any guess as to how many e-mails I got back from bands?
20? No.

15? No.

10!? No.

Seven fucking bands responded when I asked for booking information for shows. Now, if I’m wrong please correct me, but I thought bands were supposed to jump at every chance they had to expand their network and play shows in new areas?

Well, I’m done fucking asking for your booking information. If you guys want shows, you’re going to have to earn them. I’m not in the business of taking care of children, I’m in the business of making sure metal survives, and you lazy fucks aren’t doing anything at all when you have the chance to do something.
I’m honestly disappointed in every single one of you. Don’t expect mercy from me the next time you’re begging for a fucking show, because when you had the chance to play a show without selling tickets, you just sat idly by jerking off.


One thought on ““Time to Practice my Stabbing” by Doc Brown

  1. Ha!!!!! Sad, but so true with some bands.

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