The Black Dahlia Murder- “Ritual” Review by Doc Brown

While I was on vacation this week I made possibly the best purchase I have ever made at a Hot Topic. I picked up The Black Dahlia Murder’s newest album “Ritual.” Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of the Detroit outfit, so I went into listening to the album with extremely high hopes. Surprising even me, “Ritual” exceeded my expectations.

The Black Dahlia Murder has crafted their most ambitious work yet. They maintained their signature sound while proving that they are indeed progressing as a band, even after all this time.  Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of their previous album “Deflorate.” It seemed to me that the addition of Ryan Knight on guitar had changed some dynamic of their songwriting. I found the songs on “Deflorate” as bland, with a few stand out tracks. On “Ritual”, however every track is a full on rush of adrenaline. It seems that all The Black Dahlia Murder needed was some time to adjust to Ryan Knight being thrown into the mix, because this album is amazing on every front. The guitars are complex, the drumming is exceptional as always, and even Trevor’s vocals have a more powerful deliverance.

I thought it would be damn near impossible for The Black Dahlia Murder to top “Nocturnal”, but with “Ritual” they have easily surpassed every previous album they have released. I would highly recommend buying this album as soon as humanly fucking possible.



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