Branching Out!

I have decided to branch out from using JUST Facebook to communicate with the world. It seems so much more limited and paints a very unprofessional view of me. Granted, I’m not a professional, but I like the idea of maintaining a professional image, at least until someone reads my posts.

It’s time to kick things into high gear. In addition to my hopefully weekly articles, I will be posting reviews for any band that I see fit. Submission are to be sent to I have more writers joining me on this site, so don’t automatically assume that I will be the one reviewing your album. If you want me in particular to give it a listen, let me know ahead of time.

Also, if you want us to review your album, don’t refer us to your Facebook page. Actually take the time to send an MP3 version to our e-mail address or even better, send us a physical copy of the album if you have them.

New to the world of Doc Brown as well: If you are a label/promoter/or apparel company and want to have Ads on our pages, please feel free to contact us at the E-mail address above.

Hopefully this all works out and we can keep growing as a scene and bring the family back.



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